Focus on the Blue

Academics: Focus on the Blue
Pam Robey

Focus on the Blue is a series dedicated to highlighting Parry McCluer students and teachers who excel in the classroom and who truly represent what it means to be a Fightin’ Blue.

You start out with whole wheat bread, break it off into small pieces then pour half and half on it and let it sit for a while. You need fresh oregano and basil. Put that with the bread and cream then add you lean hamburger and mix it all up. This is how Mrs. Pam Robey makes her famous meatballs. A recipe that has been perfected over the years and one that gives her a reputation as a good cook. You can pretty much call it perfect. There's another recipe Mrs. Robey has perfected over the years--teaching children. It's one she simply can't seem to live without. 
Mrs. Robey, PMHS Class of '76, loves her community and being a Blue.
"This school was so much fun because it was small," Mrs. Robey said. "Basketball games in this old gym, it was the place to have a game because they only let in a select number of people and you knew you had to come early because if you didn't you couldn't get in. Everybody came."
After graduating high school, Mrs. Robey gave back to the community of Buena Vista by teaching at Enderly for 20 years. In 2014, she retired but does a teacher ever really retire? For Mrs. Robey, the answer is no. Two years ago, PMMS asked her to come back as an aid. Then this year, principal Mrs. Debbie Gilbert had an idea to create a PMMS elective centered around service, food and healthy choices. The rumor around town is Mrs. Robey can cook and Mrs. Gilbert found her woman to lead this cooking-in-the-classroom vision.
Monday through Friday, you'll find Mrs. Robey teaching 6th and 7th graders the importance of cooking, service and independence.
"They might not start out as good cooks, they might not ever be good cooks but if they're interested in finding out a new food and are willing to try out that's all I can ask for, " Mrs. Robey explained. "I try to introduce them to new fruits they've never had. What's crazy is a lot of these kids have never tried an avocado. It astounds me. But when I'm some place and find something I don't think they've ever had, I buy it and bring it in."
Almost a full semester in, the new PMMS elective has been a success. The kids love learning their way around a kitchen, eating the food and taking pictures of what they made at school that day. The lessons learned in Mrs. Robey's kitchen allow the student become more of a Blue everyday. To Mrs. Robey, being a True Blue means family.
"It's a lot of pride associated with it, win or lose," Mrs. Robey said. "We've got great kids here. I have friends who teach at other schools and the problems they have, we just don't have here. Our kids are respectful, kind and you can't ask for much more. Everything else just falls into place."
In addition to Mrs. Robey's teaching duties, she also runs the new quasi restaurant at the middle school called the "Blue Hole Cafe" which tries to serve the community every Tuesday and Thursday at the middle school. 
"It's a lot of fun," Mrs. Robey said. "I think kids need to learn that service to people. They don't have that outreach to step out to someone and have a conversation with them. I hope it's an outreach in kids to get more involved in the community."
We hope you'll join us on a Tuesday and Thursday at the Blue Hole Cafe to meet our Truest of Blues Mrs. Robey and see how she's still shaping our community's youth.