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Academics: Welcome Shelby Hudson
Shelby Hudson

One hundred and eighty three days--that's how much time a teacher spends with a student in a single school year. That's roughly 1,200 hours. It's more time than some parents get to spend with their own children. The influence a single teacher has on a child's life is incalculable. This is what first year Parry McCluer middle school English teacher Shelby Hudson thinks about. This idea that the Buena Vista community has entrusted her with their children and how this responsibility goes beyond education.

 "Whether or not you understand what's going on in my class all the time, if you can have someone be there for the students and be happy to be in the room with them that is at least going to impact their life in a good way," Hudson said. "Kids needs good teachers but they also need good people."

Hudson is a PMHS '13 grad herself. She went to middle school at PMMS back in the day when it was 5th through 8th grade. She remembers how great her teachers were and how she always wanted to be that for someone. To Hudson teaching wasn't a choice, it just was always what she was meant to do.The only hard part was picking which subject to teach. Hudson says she remembers how much fun her English teacher Mrs. Bev Horton (now retired) was and that's what influenced her decision.

"English was so fun and interesting that up to that having (Mrs. Horton) changed my mind," Hudson said. "I like reading and English the best because of how creative you can be. You can use your own imagination and just run with it. Students get to put their own spin on things and be creative and write how they want."

It only took Hudson five years to graduate with her masters in education from James Madison University and it's that kind of hard work and determination she hopes to bring to the familiar place she knows all too well.

"It means a lot, Hudson said. "I thought about going to other places but when it came down to it there's nowhere else I'd rather be. I love coming home and teaching where I went. I love the people I work with and it's good to be back."

Her favorite part? The students.

"The kids are definitely the most fun thing," Hudson said. "They are helpful and hilarious. I'm flexible and I also have a good sense of humor...flexible you definitely need to be because sometimes you have no idea what's going to happen during the school day. A sense of humor is so important because some times you never know what's going to come out of their mouths. If you can't laugh about what happens during the day it'd be just too much."

For Hudson, planning has been the most challenging part. On a lot of weekends during the school year, you'll find Hudson in her classroom setting up a curriculum for two separate grade levels and planning her week accordingly. She's putting in that extra time in hopes the effort will be reflected in the end of the year testing results. While Hudson recognizes the value for high scores, she's even more aware students need a teacher's smile, a "good job" and overall positive influence to make every hour count with Buena Vista's children.