Focus on the Blue

Academics: Focus on the Blue
Braden Conley and Aubrey Moore

This Week’s Focus on the Blue:  Braden Conley and Aubrey Moore

Story by:   Kagen Roberts and Stone Huffman
Photos by:  DW Holzworth

This week we have a special edition of Our Blue World. We are spotlighting two students: Braden Conley and Aubrey Moore. 

Chosen by Mrs. Patterson, SCA sponsor, she said, “They both have fun and enjoy PMMS and their peers look up to them.” She also chose them because they have great manners and both do well in school. 

After talking with them, we agree that they both really enjoy school. 

Braden said, “School is important because you can meet new people and have fun while learning new things.” 

Aubrie said, “School is important because it educates you about many different things and helps you build teamwork.” 

We also talked to the principal of Parry McCluer Middle School, Debbie Gilbert. She said, “Braden is quiet but he gets the job done. He is respectful and always willing to help others. Aubrey is a ball of fire and is very energetic and always wanting to do more.” 

Miss Hudson, who is the 6th and 7th grade English teacher, had this to say about the two, “Aubrie is a hard worker and I also got to spend a lot of time with her because I was her cross country coach. Braden is always on task - he is also very polite and he doesn’t get in any trouble.” 

Congratulations to our “Focus on the Blue” students for this week. 

We will see you next week with a new Focus and hope you feel a part of “Our Blue World”.