Focus on the Blue

Academics: Focus on the Blue
Posted on 03/22/2019
 Brayden Holdren

In this week's installment of "Our Blue World" we will be showcasing sixth-grader, Brayden Holdren.

Brayden was selected for his focus on his course assignments and, in general, his focus in school.

I asked Brayden what his favorite school memory is and if he played sports.


 “My favorite school memory is when me and my best friend were on the same team in dodgeball. We never were on the same team ever, so I enjoyed having him on my team.”

“My favorite projects have been in the Digital World and Cafe classes.”

“I really like Digital World because we get to make our own games and Cafe because I get to learn to cook.”


Brayden does play sports, “I play football, basketball and baseball.” 

I asked Brayden why he played these sports. He responded, “My mom likes to keep me athletic and I like to hang out with my friends that play sports together.”

I also asked him if he thinks that sports make you a better student, “I think it makes it harder because you have to go to all the practices and still have to study for test and quizzes. But, I know that being coachable is just as important in life as academics to prepare me for my future."

I asked Mrs. Lackey and Mrs. Gilbert why they picked Brayden to be the star student.

 Mrs. Gilbert :

            “He is very easy-going and I never hear of him being in any drama at the school.”

 Mrs. Lackey:

          He stays focused in class and works very hard. He takes every assignment seriously.”


BVCPS is very proud of this young man.  Thank you, Brayden, for being an outstanding Blue!

That's it for this week's installment of Our Blue World. See you next week.  Kagen